Company Profile

Nifty was founded by a technocrat Mr. D. Kesava Reddy in the year 2005.

The Managing Director along with other directors is involved in controlling the day to day operations of the company.

The company has been focused on manufacturing and marketing of Bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Bulk Drugs) and key Intermediates for API’s for domestic and global markets.

Nifty has a sister company “Nifty Pharma Pvt. Ltd.” , located in Hyderabad focused on manufacturing and marketing of semi-finished dosage forms i.e. ready to fill pellets (Oral Dosage Forms).

The manufacturing unit is located in Kondapally, IDA, Near Vijaywada, a historical city 250 km from Rajiv Gandhi Airport, Hyderabad and about 40 km from Vijayawada Airport and about 450 km from Chennai.

Key People:
  • Mr. D. Kesava Reddy – Founder, Managing Director: Has over 30 years of experience with API and Intermediates, where he has focused on process optimization from the lab level all the wat to piloting large-scale commercial production. Founded Nifty labs in 2005, serving in various capacities, including Promoter and Managing Director. He has full knowledge of both national and international regulatory bodies, norms, and compliance related to operation, maintenance, production, environment, and health and safety.
  • Dr. M. Sreenivasa Reddy – Director: Has over 25 years of experience in Chemical Process Research and Development. This time includes 8 years of academic research experience with in-depth studies into a wide range of work including total synthesis of diterpenes, alkaloids, heterocycles, metabolites, molecules of theoretical interest, and development of novel reactions.
  • Mr. B. Krishna Reddy – Director, Plant Operations: Has vast experience in the field and is responsible for Manufacturing, QC and Research & Development.
  • Mr. Y. Bharath Reddy – Director, Marketing: Has vast experience in the field and is responsible for Business Development, Sales and Marketing.
Quality Policy:

At Nifty we aim at total customer satisfaction by:

  • Providing consistent quality API’s and Intermediates on time at competitive prices
  • Providing good working environment and empowering people
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Continual improvement in processes for cost effectiveness and environmental friendly processes
Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy:

At Nifty we are committed to minimize the impact of its API’s and Intermediates, manufacturing activities on the environment, health and safety of its employees, customers and abutters. We shall operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and strive to use environmental best practices by:

  • Ensuring safe workplace for all employees.
  • Ensuring that environmental concerns and impacts are considered in our decision making
  • Promoting efficient use of material & resources, use of environment friendly products and avoid use of hazardous material by seeking substitutions when feasible and reduce waste
  • Developing and maintaining appropriate emergency response programs against significant environmental hazards as per applicable legislations
  • Communicating our environmental commitment to customers and the public
  • Strive to continually improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution by periodically reviewing our environmental policy