Quality Compliance

Nifty’s quality control laboratory is equipped with high precision instrumentation and qualified team of subject matter experts to consistently deliver high quality products.

Our manufacturing facility has 21 CFR Compliant Quality Control laboratory for Chemical, Instrumentation, Spectroscopy and Microbiology independently.

Microbiology laboratory on-site is facilitated with ISO Class 5, Class 7 & Class 8 areas with incubators, autoclaves & bio-safety cabinets to analyze TAMC, TYMC and specific micro-organism in our products.

Analytical team has the ability to develop and validate fit-to-purpose methods, design & execute stability studies and support tech transfers based on client needs.

Quality assurance and quality compliance teams are well aligned with manufacturing department and are experienced in CMC dossier preparation.

We offer complete regulatory and analytical support for products developed and manufactured by us.